Our Mission

ASCEND Therapeutics is a mission-driven company focused on improving the access to Women’s and Men’s Health treatments.

ASCEND Therapeutics US, LLC is a subsidiary of Besins Healthcare, and has been improving people’s lives through innovative products since 2002.

Our parent company, Besins Healthcare is a global leader of hormonal health therapies for both women and men and the specialist of transdermal hormonal therapies. Founded in 1885 as Laboratoires Besins, Besins Healthcare has been at the forefront of the industry, with a legacy four generations of the Besins family at the helm. Besins Healthcare has established a solid reputation in producing innovative drugs for the treatment of androgen deficiency, gynecological, fertility and obstetric conditions.

Over the last 40 years, Besins Healthcare has discovered, developed, and delivered healthcare solutions to help women manage issues related to menopause. Their hormone based products and progesterone-based products are confidently prescribed by physicians in more than 100 countries worldwide. Besins Healthcare is headquartered in Monaco and has over 1,400 employees globally.

Fast Facts: Besins by the numbers


Besins Healthcare Mission

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Meet the TEAM

We’re committed to empowering women and men with honest, science-backed expertise & solutions that we believe will enable people to age better.

Ascend Team

Cyrille Labourel

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ascend Team

Suzanne Strang, PhD, RAC (US)

Head of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

Ascend Team

Marcelo DeBrito

Head of Finance

Ascend Team

Mark Gonzalez

Head of Commercial Operations

Ascend Team

Zeinab Choucair, MD, MBA

Head of Medical Affairs

Ascend Team

Jessly Raj

Head of Marketing

Ascend Team

Mary C. Orelup

Head of Human Resources and Administration

Ascend Team

Mindy Bhe

Head of Supply Chain

Ascend Team

Lauren Darisse

Head of Legal

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Besins Vision