ASCEND Therapeutics is a specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving women’s lives through products that keep pace with the ever-changing developments in women’s healthcare. Our excellent reputation attracts reputable partners in the women's health industry. Our strong commitment to what matters most to women sets us apart.

ASCEND Therapeutics (ASCEND) partners with companies dedicated to upholding the same high standards in quality care and innovative products for women’s healthcare. ASCEND’s highly trained and focused specialty sales representatives are known for their technical training and vast product knowledge in women’s health. Led by an accomplished leadership team, members of ASCEND’s specialty sales force maintain their successful reputation by fostering key relationships and providing value to each of our healthcare partners.

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ASCEND Therapeutics is a subsidiary of Besins Healthcare, a pharmaceutical company specialized in the development and worldwide diffusion of innovative drugs and food supplements for the well-being of men and women throughout their life.

Jay A. Bua

President and CEO

Jay Bua, founder of ASCEND Therapeutics, has been director of Besins Healthcare for 18 years. In this role, he helped shepherd the out-licensing activities of Besins Group in North America. These activities included overseeing regulatory filings for several drug candidates and negotiating various licensing agreements. Mr. Bua has a B.S. in business from St. Francis College in New York and an M.S. in business administration and supervision from Pace University and an M.S. in psychology from Fordham University. He continues his leadership role as an executive at Besins Healthcare.


Donna Shiroma

Chief Commercial Officer & General Counsel

Donna Shiroma has served as chief commercial officer & general counsel since March 2011. She joined ASCEND Therapeutics in January 2009 as general counsel. Ms. Shiroma has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Her career path includes management positions at Johnson & Johnson and PDL BioPharma, supporting commercially marketed products in legal and corporate compliance-related positions as a contracts manager, corporate counsel, compliance director and privacy officer. Ms. Shiroma holds a B.S. in environmental sciences from the University of California-Berkeley and a J.D. from Santa Clara University School of Law.